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Add expense plan

How to Add Expense Plan From Plans

There are two ways for adding a new expense plan. You can add a plan from the expense plan list pressing the plus button (see image below) or you can add a new plan by pressing the plus button from the Actual Expense panel or Plan Expense panel You have a few types of plans but the most important is ... Read More »

Add income plan

How to add an income plan

You can add an income plan in two ways. You can press the plus button in the Incomes plans list or you can press the plus button in Actual Income panel or Plan Income panel The description field is optional. The name of the plan will be created based on the month name plus year. Ex: June 2015 To save ... Read More »

Add actual income

How to add actual income

Fist step is to press Actual Income button. To add amount tap on Amount field and a panel with numbers will appear. The income date is initially set to the current date. You can change that by pressing on Date field. Select an expense type. Press Save button. Read More »

Change app language

If you are running the app for the fist time, on a mobile device or on Google Chrome, you will have to select the language for the app. Also, you can change the language later in the settings panel. Supported languages (for the moment): English Romana Pусский Español Italiano Polskie Ελληνική Read More »

Expense plan details

How to edit or delete an expense

Go to expense plans list. Press right arrow for a specific plan. To edit an expense press and hold tap on the expense for 3 seconds. A panel will appear. Now, you can delete the selected expense or you can edit it. In the top right corner of this panel is a button that can switch between planned expenses and ... Read More »