Incomes Plans

It shows the steps to create an income plan and manage the incomes every day.

How to Add an Expense/Income category

In order to register an expense in the Financial Planning application, first you have to add an expense category. Pressing the plus button will show you a popup where you can add the name of the expense type. It is recommended to use short names. You can’t add the same name for an expense/income category twice. To save the expense …

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Add expense or plan expense

Press Add Expense button. You have to select an expense plan. If there is no expense plan you must add a new plan. You can select the expense date. This date is set initially to the current date. To add expense amount tap on Amount field and a panel with numbers will appear. If you want to plan an expense …

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Add income plan

How to add an income plan

You can add an income plan in two ways. You can press the plus button in the Incomes plans list or you can press the plus button in Actual Income panel or Plan Income panel The description field is optional. The name of the plan will be created based on the month name plus year. Ex: June 2015 To save …

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Add actual income

How to add actual income

Fist step is to press Actual Income button. To add amount tap on Amount field and a panel with numbers will appear. The income date is initially set to the current date. You can change that by pressing on Date field. Select an expense type. Press Save button.

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